Rug Size Guide

You found the rug of your dreams, but will it fit your furniture or the size of your room? From the bedroom to the kitchen, from runners to area rugs, we’ve broken down the essentials to help you find the perfect rug for your room.


Choose a rug that will frame your bed.
 If you’re choosing an area rug for your bedroom, your rug should extend all around the bed enough to put your feet on it comfortably. This is especially important on the sides of the bed. Typically, the rug should be large enough to lay underneath the bed and nightstands. You may prefer to purchase a rug that lays beneath the bed, but not the nightstands. Or, you can go with two runners that will cover both sides of the bed comfortably.

In rooms with a single bed, you can purchase a large area rug that will cover both sides of the bed, or, if the bed is pushed against a wall, you can simply place a runner on one side. Just make sure the rug is underfoot when you get out of bed. 



Living Room

Your rug determines the whole look and feel of the space.


In the living room, the size of the rug is extremely important. If your space is big and your furniture is floating in the middle, you can get a big rug and your furniture should fit on top of the rug without feeling cramped. This is also a great way to creatively and decoratively divide up living spaces in open plan rooms.

If your furniture is pushed against the walls, your furniture should cover the rug only half way, with just the front legs of all furniture sitting on top of the rug. 



Dining Room

Measure before you start.

It is crucial to cover all sides and chairs in the dining room. You should leave at least 2 feet behind each chair to ensure that when guests are sitting down, their chair remains on the rug. 




Protect your floor from heavy foot traffic.

If you have a center island or galley kitchen, a runner that will extend the length of your kitchen is a beautiful addition that provides protection for your floors. Runners also work great in L shaped kitchens or kitchens with a peninsula. If your kitchen is small, a small semi circular or rectangular rug in front of the sink is a perfect fit. 



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Some tips on choosing the perfect rug:

  • Before you start looking at rugs, always measure the dimensions of your room, your furniture and check any constraints you might have like door openings, etc.
  • Your rug shouldn’t take over the whole room, and instead allow for your floor to be visible on all sides.  
  • Your rug should also be large enough that it will tie your furniture together and accentuate the layout of your room. 
  • If your room has wall to wall carpets, you can still add rugs to give color and style to your room. Just choose a shape that complements your room, and layer your rug on top of the carpet.
  • Add some color to your hallways with runners! Just measure to ensure that you get the proper length rug for your hallway.
  • In offices and studies, make sure to have the rug extend beyond the chair and the desk by at least 2 feet on all sides.