The Meaning of Rug Symbols

Hands on Hips symbolize motherhood and fertility.
Horns are the symbol of heroism, power and masculinity. 

When the motifs for Hands on Hips and Horns are used together, they symbolize fertility and family.

Birds on rugs indicate good wishes, soul, power, strength, and happiness. In some cases, it also symbolizes the souls of the dead. Or, it can represent longing and expectation of news.

Both the Burdock and the Amulet are believed to be capable of warding off the evil eye. The Burdock motif with little flour bags underneath it is used as a symbol of abundance. Amulets are believed to possess a power that will protect the ones who carry them. 

The Hair Band motif indicates the desire to get married. If a woman uses her hair in the weaving, it indicates her desire for immortality.

The Hand motif on rugs is used as a protection against the evil eye. It’s also a symbol of motherhood and fertility.

Hooks are also used to ward off the evil eye. In some cases, it also implies marriage.

In Anatolia, it is believed that stars reduce the power of the evil eye by dividing it into four pieces. 

Running water is widely used on rugs, because of the importance of water for humanity.

The tree of life symbolizes eternity. It is believed that the fruit brings immortality, but it is forbidden to human beings. So, the tree of life symbolizes hope for the afterlife.